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A Prayer for the Independent Shining Stars in the Making

May 23 2015 , Written by Sophie Published on #Thoughts

A Prayer for the Independent Shining Stars in the Making

For the days when it seems we have lost our strength, power and energy.

It happened to all of us to be facing hard days and months, harsh periods of time. This is not always because we are going through a visible and tangible difficulty. The ones that we can easily share. The work promotions we didn’t get, the nights we have spent at the office, the weather that went bad at a wedding ceremony, the credit card we have lost during our vacation.

Harder times do exist, mostly because they cannot be explained to others.

Namely when we have decided to go away from the crowd and make our own path. We had our thing, we had the courage and boldness to move on and leave the settled - but everything still remains to be done.

In a way, we have deliberately left the *normal world* when we have decided to take our own road. Yes we wanted more, we wished we could play our cards right and do something great with our life. We wished to turn our passion into reality, we sought for freedom and for having nothing to follow but our own rules.

We felt able to climb that mountain, all alone. And here we stand now.

All our entourage now thinks we are happy, blissed, released.

However, from now on and more than ever, the everyday strength is needed to keep going. Involvement, perseverance and commitment are the keys.

And on the bad days, it seems that we are at war. At war against ourselves.

Our life becomes a story of everyday fight and so much expected success, of struggle and rare but sparkling moments of joy, of investment and life expectations as high as the stars.

Yes we are alone, because we do not have a framework any more. Most of the time, making our own path implies starting a business, beginning to write, starting whatever new project of our own. For these, no specific schedule exists.

No clear deadlines, just the ones we set to ourselves.

No clear boss, just self-discipline. Only us and our perseverance, the *what we are actually able to do* when we have no more external constraints.

For us, I would like to say a Prayer. For the everyday life of Independent Shining Stars in the making. For these cloudy days, those dark forests we have gone through, with no one around facing the same.

  • Please, when focus goes away and motivation crumbles, let’s not be afraid but face this as a new challenge and trial set by Life along our way. Let’s gather our strengths, all those we used to start over, to enter once and again our battle.
  • Please, even when mornings turn into a grey tunnel, let’s never forget why we initially got there, why we wanted it so much. Something was speaking on the inside, a little powerful voice attracting our attention, timidly but without stopping. We listened to its melody and decided to turn it into tangible diamonds. That is a great and admirable adventure, which deserves to be grown as far as possible.
  • Please, never forget what we wished to avoid in this new life. Let’s remember what we were escaping from and why. What we do not want in life is indeed a relevant and lucid starting point to find our way. So let’s use it a key, a key to close old doors and open new ones.
  • Please, let’s accept ourselves, our qualities and our flaws. As everyone, we are a patchwork of traits, our medals also have their other side. On cloudy days we tend to focus on our faults. However, we need to move on with it too, to take it in our luggage and see how shining their reflection is.

Yes, we may like buzzing from flower to flower, from new projects to new ideas. But this goes with splendid qualities. “Butterfly-minded” people are often quick to understand new things and to adapt to new environments. They are good at making new friends and connections. They usually work fast, faster than others. They are intensely witty and sharp. Yes, we do have things to be proud of.

  • Please, let’s create our breaks on the way up to the mountain. Let’s plant our coquette and cheeky flowers to embellish the road. We need to treat ourselves with leisure, to keep on devoting time to our hobbies and friends. We are actually running a marathon. As for athletes, every condition needs to be gathered to make our involvement and striving steady on the long-run, to enable us to finally reach the stars.
  • Please, let’s dedicate time to come back to ourselves on a regular basis, especially when in doubt. We need at least 10 – 15 minutes each day, completely alone, somewhere we feel relaxed to talk kindly to our inner-self, understand our true feelings and above all congratulate ourselves for what has already been done. This meditation will help to gain self-confidence and to be at peace with our inner-voices.
  • Please, just accept the existence of hard moments. Yes we are warriors, struggling for finding our light and embellishing life. However as every soldier, we may need a rest from time to time. What is actually remembered of Great men & women are not the days when they went deep down into sorrows or when they wanted to give up on everything. We do speak of their successes, and of those only.

See, having bad days does not say we will fail in the end. So let’s remain our best friends, our greatest love, even when we disappoint ourselves.

At the end of the day, of course we need to keep as focused as possible. But all is about finding a middle-ground between not remaining involved, and forcing ourselves to think and do nothing every hour but that very important project.

It’s called Temperance.

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